Western Sona


Western Sona Package Pics

Morphological & Genetic Characters

- Early uniform maturity within 100 days and does well even in late sowing condition is possibly due to its tolerance to higher temperature condition at the time of grain filling stage which is extremely desirable trait (It’s a distinctness of variety).

- Medium plant height (85-95 cm.)

- 8-10 number of effective tillers

- Medium – long fully filled earhead (10-12 cm) with compact seed setting.

- Non-Shattering of seeds from earhead.

- Uniform and hard seed with Golden seed colour.

- Excellent bread making qualities.

- Tolerance to major diseases of wheat.

- Yield potentiality 22-30 Qt/Acre, remain stable since three year on farmers field.

Yield Stability

(As per Demonstration Trial conducted by Company on Farmers Field)

State Average Yield per Acre (Qt) Av. Of three years
2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
Gujarat 28.4(19) 29.2(17) 27.9(22) 28.5
Andhra Pradesh 30.3(10) 29.8(14) 29.5(23) 29.9