Western Maruti


Western Maruti - Package Pics

Morphological & Genetical Description

Plant Characters Female Male Hybrid
Vegetative Phase
Stem Colour Mahogany Mahogany Mahogany
Bloom Triple Double Triple
Type of Internodes Condense Elongated Elongated
Branching Pattern Convergent Divergent Divergent
Plant Height Short Medium Tall Medium Tall
Leaf Shape Cup shape Flat Slightly cup shape
Hairiness on Leaf Absent Absent Absent
Reproductive Phase
Types of flowers on primary spike Female Monoecious Interspersed
Spike Size & arrangement of capsules on spike Long & Semi-compact Medium & Loose Medium & Semi-Compact
Seed Size & Shape Medium bold & Oval Medium & Oval Medium bold & Oval
Seed Colour Brown Light Brown Light Brown
Quantitative Description
Days to 50 % Flowering 55-62 58-60 58
Days to maturity (first picking) 110-115 110-115 105-110
Numbers of nodes to primary raceme 17-25 18-24 16-18
Plant Height up to base of Primary raceme (cm) 50-55 85-105 65-75
100 Seed weight (g) 29-30 26-27 27-29
Oil Content (%) 47-48 46.5-47.5 49-50