Western Samarth ( Till )


Western Samarth Package Pics

Western Samarth

1 Growth Habit & Pattern Tillering 5 to 8
2 Basis Plant Vigor Highly Vigorous
3 Utility Type Oil Eating Purpose
4 Flowering Characteristics
(A)..Days to first Flower 50 Days
(B).Duration of Flowering 60 to 65
(C) .Number of Flushing Only One Flushings
5 Plant Canopy Characteristics
(A) Plant Height 90-120 Cm.
(B) Number of Primary Branches One Branch, 5 to 8 tillering
(C) Leaf Size & Density Medium
6 Pod Characteristics
(A) Number of Pod Per Cluster 20-22
(B) Pod Length 2 Cm
(C) Pod Shape Flat
(D) Pod Fibrousness (At Green Picking Stage) Green
7 Seed Characteristics
(A) Number of Seed per Pod 20-22
(B) Seed Size & Colour White
(C) Seed Shape Flat
8 Yield Potential 5 to 6 Qtl./Acre
9 Disease Status Phyllody