GCH - 4


GCH - 4 package Pics

Vegetative Phase Hybrid
Plant Characters GCH-4
Hypocotyl anthocyanin colouration Absent
Stem Colour Light Red
Bloom Triple
Type of internodes on stem Elongated
Branching pattern Divergent
Location of branches Basal
Plant height Medium to tall
Plant type Normal
Leaf Characters
Anthocyanin pigmentation of young emerging leaves Absent
Anthocyanin colouration of lamina Absent
Shape Flat
Lascination on 4th leaf from top Shallow
Hairiness Absent
Number of lobes >10
Petiole surface Smooth
Reproductive phase
Colour of fully developed stigma Red
Type of flowers on primary spike Interspersed
Spike characters
Shape Conical
Arrangement of capsules Semi-compact
Capsule characters
Colour Green with reddish tinge
Spininess Semi-spiny
Size Bold
Seed characters
Size Medium
Shape Oval
Colour Dark Brown